A Christian Church in Second Life®

Pastoral Staff

Senior Pastor
Senior Pastor Brett is new to second life but certainly not to the ministry of our Lord. Having been born and raised in a traditional Christian Home he came to know God personally at age 22. Shortly thereafter, Pastor Brett received and accepted his call to ministry. Since that time Pastor Brett has served for 15 years as a Pastor in 4 different United Methodist Churches. Before becoming a pastor he served as a youth pastor for 2 years. Throughout the past 25 years of his walk with God he has been involved in various mission outreaches that involved street preaching, ministering in food banks and shelters. Also, participated in foreign mission opportunities to Colombia, South America. He is a conservative evangelical in doctrine and faith which is expressed in both the Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed.

Executive Pastor

Pastor Patrick Christian was saved by the grace of God from a life of sin in his real and second lives.  Once a major land holder in Second Life® and builder of sex and BDSM places Pastor Christian was ordained by House of Prayer in 2012 is now firmly committed to his Christian lifestyle and bringing others to Jesus through teaching and evangelism.  When he was ordained in early 2012 he shared a vision of House of Prayer's future and committed to bring together the Body of Christ using the House of Prayer Church as a focal point in this virtual world.  Pastor Christian see's this a way of fulfilling the Lord's Great Commission of taking the words of God to every region of the Earth.  Services find people from all over the world attending - including many who would not be allowed to study the Bible in their own countries!

Associate Pastor
Pastor Nak is a beloved person in Second Life and ordained Pastor at House of Prayer.  Like most of our staff Nak was rescued from a life of sin by the Grace of God. In his real-life Nak has served the Lord by acting as a Missionary in Haiti and Africa, and is a counselor of many seeking to find their way to God. Nak is founder and leader of Iron Men - a ministry devoted to the spiritual needs of men.  Pastor Nak leads a Saturday morning Iron Men meeting at House of Prayer each week and leads worship services at House of Prayer.